Gene Linked To Increased Risk For Intracranial Aneurysm Formation

University of Cincinnati (UC) neurovascular researchers have identified a gene that when suppressed or completely absent may predispose a person to brain aneurysms.

Todd Abruzzo, MD, and his colleagues demonstrated that 'knocking out' a gene known as endothelial nitric oxide synthase (NOS-3) in an animal model led to intracranial aneurysm formation in 33 percent of study subjects.

Women with cosmetic breast implants and suicide rates

I was reading this interesting news article about suicide rates in breast implant patient cohort. They noted that these patients have three times more suicide rates than normal population. Although there is link proved about psychological state of patients and the cosmetic surgery request rates, this study proves or asserts the nature of people requesting cosmetic breast surgery. Check the full news story below.

Ovary Transplant Between Sisters Produces Embryos

Belgian scientists have successfully transplanted ovarian tissue from a woman to her non-identical sister whose ovaries had been destroyed by chemo and radiotherapy. The tissue went on to produce healthy ovaries capable of producing eggs that when fertilized developed into embryos.

Obesity Emerging As Possible Risk Factor For Prostate Cancer

Evidence is emerging that excess weight may impact the chances of surviving prostate cancer.

Cancer Surgery Revolutionized By Tumor Painting

A tumor paint developed by researchers at Seattle Children's Hospital Research Institute and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will help surgeons see where a tumor begins and ends more precisely by illuminating the cancerous cells. The study, published in Cancer Research, shows that the tumor paint can help surgeons distinguish between cancer cells and normal brain tissue in the operating room. The paint is a scorpion-derived peptide called chlorotoxin that is linked to the molecular beacon Cy5.5.Until now there has been no way to allow surgeons to see tumors 'live' during surgery.


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