Keyhole Surgery Is Best Option For Recurrent Pneumothorax

Most cardiothoracic surgeons (80%) do not believe thoractomy is required for an optimal operation - a contrasting viewpoint from that reflected in existing guidelines from the British Thoracic Society. Recent evidence suggests that the time might be right for a revision of the 2003 BTS guidelines on this specific point.

Gall Bladder Removed With No Outer Incisions Or Visible Scars

A woman in France had her gall bladder successfully removed via her vagina - no outer incisions were made - according to an article published in Archives of Surgery (JAMA/Archives).

Creating Living, Growing Heart Valves From Child's Own Tissue

Infants and children receiving artificial heart-valve replacements face several repeat operations as they grow, since the replacements become too small and must be traded for bigger ones. Researchers at Children's Hospital Boston have now developed a solution: living, growing valves created in the lab from a patient's own cells.

Liver Transplant Recipients Helped By Inhaling Nitric Oxide

A new report from a team of researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham indicates that one of the main complications of liver transplantation can be treated very simply by allowing the transplant recipients to inhale nitric oxide (NO) during the operation in which they received their new liver.

Bariatric Surgery For Severe Obesity Proven To Save Lives

An extensive Swedish study from the Sahlgrenska Academy has established that surgery reduces premature death in patients with severe obesity. A long-term follow up has shown that mortality is significantly lower among patients who undergo surgery than among those who do not.

The results are published in The New England Journal of Medicine.


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