MTAS and MMC Update 20/04/07 - Factsheet for Consultants in England Extended Round 1

This is factsheet for consultants how ever there are some useful information for trainees as well so I am posting the content here.


Do we conduct the “new” interviews in the same way we conducted the previous ones?
The new interviews should mirror as closely as possible the interview process that each deanery ran for earlier interviews. At the end of the extended Round 1, the scores from original interviews must be comparable with the scores from the ‘new’ interviews.

Will applicants we have already interviewed be able to send in their CVs and do we have to re-score them?
This will not be necessary as a CV is not a mandatory part of the interview. If CVs are considered during the ‘new’ interviews, but were not considered during the original interviews the panel must ensure that the resulting scores are comparable.

If an applicant applies to an ST2 post, but is too experienced to be eligible for that post, would they be eligible for an FTSTA at that level?
No. As previously confirmed with UoAs/deaneries in February 2007, applicants must meet the essential criteria in the person specification for the position they are applying for. In this case, the applicant has applied for a place on a clinical run-through programme at ST2 and so must meet the criteria for the corresponding ST2 person specification. If they do not meet the entry criteria, then they are ineligible for the position they have applied for and the application should not be progressed further. The Applicant’s Guide also made it clear to applicants that they were indicating that they were prepared to accept an FTSTA if they were unsuccessful AT INTERVIEW for a run-through programme. The FTSTA person specifications and related entry criteria relate to those applicants who only applied to FTSTAs.

Interview Panels

Do we have to convene further panels?
There will need to be additional interview events to cover those applicants who you need to interview as they confirm your UoA as their first choice. Deaneries will need to schedule provisional interview dates as soon as possible based on the number of applicants who have currently selected you as first choice, but who you haven’t interviewed. The panels for the additional interviews should match the original panels as far as possible.


Will I be requested to supply new references?
Because applicants are re-preferencing their original selection, it is highly likely you will have already submitted references for them. In the event that you haven’t yet done so, you may be asked for a reference, but this shouldn’t mean additional work for you. Following re-preferencing, any future referee reminder e-mails issued via MTAS will be limited to those nominated referees for confirmed application choices.

Round 2

How do you expect Round 2 to work?
The Review Group is considering this issue and further guidance will be provided based on their decisions. We expect to know more about Round 2 by the end of April.


How will we have the time/resources to conduct more interviews?
The DH is aware that these additional interviews will require additional resources. Each UoA has been asked to develop a local resource plan that will be reviewed by the DH with a view to providing financial assistance. With regard to the consultants required for the interview panels, NHS Employers are working with the SHA Chief Executives and their teams to ensure that sufficient consultants are released within the required timeframe.
Once a detailed timetable is available, it will be posted on the MMC and MTAS websites. The dates below are those that have been confirmed as of 17 April 2007.


20 – 23 April Applicants to revise or affirm order of preference on MTAS.

8 June Applicants to be informed of the outcome of their interviews.