MMC and MTAS update19/04/07 - Factsheet for Applicants Confirming Application Preferences

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Why do I have to confirm/revise my preferences?

You are not required to revise your application preferences, but you may wish to do so in light of the competition ratios. You will be able to confirm whether location should take precedence over the type of training opportunity. For example: you really want an academic programme and ideally want to live in Wales, but you are successful for an academic programme in West Midlands and a clinical programme in Wales. Which would you rather be allocated to?

What if I don’t confirm my preferences?

If you are content with the choices you have already made and do not wish to change them, you do not need to do anything. If no changes are made to your account by 5pm on Monday, 23 April, it will be assumed that your original choices stand.
The Review Group statement said that “eligible applicants” would be able to confirm their preferences and have a minimum of one interview.

How will I know if my application is eligible?

You will be able to see whether or not each of your application choices has been deemed eligible by the UoA, where the UoA has made this information available on MTAS.

I have already had interview(s) in Round 1. When I’ve tried to re-order my applications, the system says that one or more of my applications are not eligible. How can that be the case?

The system reflects what the UoAs/deaneries have recorded about your applications. Round 1 applications have been reviewed and your eligibility will have been re-checked by the relevant UoAs/deaneries. If the UoA/deanery identified that you are not eligible for the position you have applied for, this will be indicated on MTAS on the confirm preferences page. (Eligibility refers to your GMC registration status, your right to work in the UK and whether or not you meet the entry criteria as detailed in the appropriate person specification.)

Can I select a different specialty or level as my first choice?

You will only be able to re-order the applications you have already made. You will not be able to select new or different UoAs, specialties or levels.
I didn’t indicate on my original application that I would be prepared to take an FTSTA. Can I do this now?
There will be the opportunity to confirm whether or not you wish to be considered for an FTSTA if you are not successfully appointed to any of your run-through programmes. If you had previously selected the ‘FTSTA only’ option, you will be able to de-select it.
I didn’t apply for an academic programme on my original application.

Can I confirm an academic programme as my first choice and get an interview?

Academic applicants will be able to confirm whether or not they still wish to be considered for an academic programme, since we believe that some applicantsoriginally selected the ‘Prefer Academic’ option in error. You will not be able to select ‘Prefer Academic’ where you had not originally done so, since your application will not have included the academic-specific questions.

General Practice
The Review Group has confirmed that all applicants will be invited to an interview for their confirmed first choice application. Does this include GP applicants?

The review did not identify any concerns with the general practice selection process. Eighty percent of GP applicants were offered interviews (at selection centres) following shortlisting. There will be no further GP selection centres scheduled during the extended Round 1. If you applied to GP and were not previously invited to a selection centre, your application will not be re-assessed and you will not be invited to a selection centre even if you confirm GP as your first choice application.

What does confirming preferences mean for GP applications?

You can only rank general practice relative to other specialties. If you have applied to GP only, you cannot re-rank the UoAs because your allocated UoA was determined by your performance in the shortlisting competition.

If I rank GP as my first choice and I rank high enough to get a programme, will I be matched before other specialties?

GP allocations for applicants who confirm GP as their first choice, will be made as soon as possible. It is expected that this will be before 8 June.

What happens if general practice is my second ranked specialty?

Unsuccessful specialty applicants who have been through the GP selection system will be eligible for any remaining GP places when the allocation process takes place (no later than 8 June), but will be competing for fewer vacancies.

How does the GP offer system work?

Following shortlisting (the GP assessment centre), applicants are competing for a training place in their allocated deanery. If they are not ranked high enough to be offered a place in that deanery, they will secondly be matched to any remaining vacancies in any of the other GP deaneries to which they applied.
Any remaining appointable applicants will be invited by the GP National Recruitment Office to enter a national clearing process for any remaining vacancies in the UK.

What about linking for general practice?

Some applicants have expressed concern that the GP shortlisting competition has separated linked applications. The facility to confirm or revise application preferences is an opportunity for linked applicants to ensure that they both rank the same UoA as their first choice. Where this does not bring about a suitable outcome, you should contact your GP deanery to discuss this and they may be able to make alternative arrangements for you.
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