MMC and MTAS Factsheet for applicats 5/4/07

Hi friends I am pasting some important fact sheet published by review group for applicants in England.

How do the Review Group’s decisions affect me?

Applicants already shortlisted and offered one or more interviews
1. All interviews offered in the original Round 1 will be honoured and the outcome will count towards your final allocation.
2. All applicants will be given the opportunity to revise or reaffirm their order of preference, in the light of competition ratios, between 20 – 23 April 2007.
3. Where applicants have not already been interviewed for their revised first preference, they will be invited for interview for that preference.
4. As originally planned, successful applicants will only be offered one post in this round which will be informed by their preferences and their interview result.

Applicants not originally shortlisted
1. All eligible applicants will be given the opportunity to revise or reaffirm their order of preference in the light of competition ratios between 20 – 23 April.
2. Applicants for specialty training (excluding general practice) in England will be invited for interview for their affirmed first preference.
3. Successful applicants will only be offered one post in this round which will be informed by their interview result.

Applicants to general practice
1. Recruitment and selection for general practice continues to work satisfactorily and will continue as far as possible as originally planned, although the timetable will be revised.
2. No further GP selection centres will be scheduled during the extended Round 1.

Applicants for academic medical programmes
1. Academic medicine will have a separate selection process and we are currently in discussions with key stakeholders to finalise this plan.
2. Those unsuccessful in their application for an academic post will still be considered for their clinical choices in Round 1.

Applicants who are unsuccessful after their interview in Round 1
1. Applicants who are unsuccessful in the first recruitment round will be able to apply during round 2.
2. Round 2 will be based on a revised shortlisting and interview process including a structured CV.
3. Further details about Round 2 will be published as soon as possible.

Indicative timetable for the extended Round 1*

20 – 23 April Revise or affirm your order of preference on MTAS.
May Interviews take place
8 June Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their interviews

*Please note that these are indicative dates which may be subject to change. Once the finalised dates are available, they will be posted on the MMC and MTAS websites.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am eligible for an interview?
Your application is assessed by the UoA/deanery against the essential entry criteria for the appropriate specialty and level, as detailed in the person specifications available on the MMC website. If you meet all essential entry criteria, you will be eligible for an interview. The relevant UoA/deanery will invite you to attend an interview through MTAS according to the extended Round 1 timetable.

What does “extended Round 1” mean?
The timetable for Round 1 being extended to include the additional interviews which will be set up in May, in accordance with the Review Group’s decisions. There will still be a Round 2 which will begin in June.

If I have applied for programmes in more than one UK country, can I still go to all the interviews, or do I have to choose one preference?
If you have applied to Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, their guidance will apply for the programmes you have applied to in those locations. If you haven’t previously had an interview in England and you are eligible to be invited, you will be able to. See the guidance above for “applicants not originally shortlisted”.

I didn’t go to one of my interviews, either because it was cancelled or because I decided not to go based on previous guidance. Can I re-book an interview that I did not attend?
Yes. You will be able to re-schedule an interview with the UoA/deanery. The interviews will be set up on MTAS in the same way as the original interviews were and according to the extended Round 1 timetable.

If all the ‘new’ interviews will be based on CVs, and I was not required to submit a CV for the interview, will I be disadvantaged? Can I be re-interviewed or can I send my CV to the original interview panel?
The format of the interview has always been determined by the UoA/deanery in conjunction with the appropriate specialty. It is not mandatory therefore to examine or discuss an applicant’s CV. The additional interviews being arranged will be conducted following the same guidelines as the original interviews and applicant scores from both sets of interview will be comparable.

Can I change my application for the extended Round 1?
The only details you can change are your personal and referee details (though you are only able to change your referee if s/he has not already submitted a reference for you). In addition, we will be providing a facility for you to confirm the order of your application choices and to confirm whether or not you are prepared to take a fixed term specialty training appointment if offered one.

The entry criteria remain the same as at the beginning of the original Round 1 and the ‘required by’ date for entry criteria will not change. This applies to all applicants, including those who have obtained royal college examinations, or change in immigration status since applications closed on the 5th February 2007

Can I change my referee?
You can change the details of your referee only if they have not yet submitted a reference.

Can I add a new preference or must I simply reorder my existing preferences?
You can re-order your existing application choices, but may not add a new choice.

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